#219 Tummy sleeper

Our buddy Koz came back to the basement and joined forces with John to bully Brooks. We got a nice email from Andy and answered and made each other gi...View Details

#218 Bobby Day 2022

Such a magical adventure when our buddy Bobby comes down to the basement. Bobby is back and looking for his five timers jacket, we talk about unionizi...View Details

Our buddy Keith came back down to the basement for some whiskey, beer and some silly conversations.  Do you think that zombies are happy? basementbudd...View Details

#216 Butt plug season

It's always a blast when Lizzie is in town from New York, She's always down for a hypothetical question about having a clone. We take you on a wild ad...View Details

Due to Brooks being dumb, we dont have any guest on the episode. But this was an episode filled with weird sayings, it was hard picking a title. Here ...View Details

Another magical podcast in the basement. What did we talk about? who knows. Thanks for being awesome. Basementbuddiespod@gmail.com 

John and Brooks are back in the basement. Brooks watched a little movie called "Lyle Lyle, Crocodile" and John ditched him and didn't want to go see t...View Details

John and brooks down in the basement by themselves. This, that, the other and an email from superfan Liam that takes over 1/3 of the show. Enjoy. emai...View Details

#211 Loner Tromboner

Brooks went to a party and met a random guy named Sean. Cut to 8 days later and Sean is down in the basement, TALKING for his life. Does he make the b...View Details

#210 Ding-Dong Slop

Just John and Brooks in the basement. We got a physical letter in the mail from Rebecca, a couple emails from Joe and Andy and we take a trip into bas...View Details

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